Franchise Financing

Making You Happy With Great Franchise Financing

Who said that launching a new franchise location needs to be stressful? When you have the right franchise financing, the process is much easier. You can put all of your passion into making great decisions for your new location, all with the power of significant capital behind you every step of the way. At TCF Capital, we have a great reputation because we make franchising exciting.

How Franchise Financing Makes Franchising Easier

There are many ways to use our franchise loans and leasing programs:

  • Real estate: Purchase, remodel or build the ideal location for your franchise business.
  • Equipment: Get state-of-the-art technology, next-gen payment systems and dependable business equipment that delivers excellent performance.
  • Working capital: Take care of countless essentials for running a new franchise, including inventory purchases, hiring, marketing and operating costs.
  • Financial needs: Convert short-term loans into low-interest, long-term financing. We offer many refinancing options to help, all with flexible terms.

Why Choose Us for Your Financing Needs

We customize our franchise financing to the specific needs of your business. Having comfortable terms lets you focus on the most important aspects of running a new franchise, such as building a great reputation and a strong customer base. We’re happy to assist you in choose the right loan or lease for any need. Contact us right away to learn more.