Everything You Need to Know About a Commercial Line of Credit

Everything You Need to Know About a Commercial Line of Credit

If you are looking for an alternative financing option, lines of credit should be on the list. Unlike other financing options, lines of credit allow businesses to draw predetermined funds to handle business expenses. With a line of credit, you have to request the lender to draw the fund to a limit. Here is everything to know.

How a Line of Credit Works

You request a lending institution to draw funds for business operations as a venture. The lender assesses your business needs and financing capability before funding you. In some cases, lines of credit can work like conventional credit cards. With a line of credit, you can make a request, receive the funds and repay later.

Types of Lines of Credit

Secured Lines

To use secure lines of credit, you should be ready to provide personal and corporate collateral. The collateral is the lender’s security if you fail to meet your repayment obligation. With secure lines of credit, you don’t get a limit on how much you can access for business needs.

Unsecured Lines

You don’t need specific collateral pledged as security to access the funds. While you get an avenue to protect your assets, meeting your financing expectations can be hard. An unsecured line of credit dictates that you provide a personal or corporate guarantee instead of collateral to get approval. Understand there is also a limit on how much you can get as funds.

Benefits of Lines of Credit

Helps Improve Cash Flow

You have a quick way to improve your business’s cash flow with lines of credit. You access the funds immediately and can help address business emergencies.


Unlike other financing options, there is no restriction on what you can spend on using a line of credit. You can use the funds to purchase business equipment, solve cash flow issues, and other related business needs.

It is Cheaper Option

Besides the collateral, you enjoy low and flexible interest rates with lines of credit. It is easy to use and repay the loans than other alternative financing solutions.

A line of credit is a financing option that can serve your business interest. You, however, need to learn more and get proper guidance to meet your expectations. Reach out and let experts at TCF Capital guide you.